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Silicone is a synthetic rubber.It is obtained from silicium element as a result of series of complex reactions. Due to silicone has a different structure from normal rubbers, silicone is used in cases where rubber can not meet modern needs.
Key Features
1- Physical properties are not lost at high and low temperatures 
2- High Resistance Toward Weather Conditions, Radiation, Ultraviolet Rays, Ozone And Oxygen.
3- Very High Electrical Insulation
4- Biological inertness 
5. Nonadhesive To Other Materials
Silicone is preferred in Electric, Electronic, General Engineering, Automotive Industry, Aircraft Industry, Ship Building, Lighting Industry, Pharmacy, Medical, Cosmetics and Food Industry due to these properties.
Thermal Properties 
Silicone rubber practically has a wide working temperature range (-60 to +180 C) At these indicated temperatures, it has endless resistance without losing any of its physical properties. Using a heat stabilizer, it can sustain the full task thousands of hours even at 250 C. When a  technical failure occurs, it can handle with 400 C and more for a short period of time. If there is no flame in the environment, it does not burn even in very high temperatures. It buns when exposed an open flame and it can be formulated like it goes out when the flame goes away. Silicone also maintains its properties and elasticity at temperatures as low as -60 ° C. It does not become brittle.
Silicone rubber is very resistant to the effects of ultraviolet rays, oxygen, ozone and gases. It does not lose color and does not crack even in extreme temperatures. It is not affected by rain and surface water. Other rubbers wet very quickly in these environments.
Due to silicone is an inert material, there is no negative effect on human health. It is used in Food Industry, Medical Industry, Pharmacy and Cosmetic Industry unwaveringly.
Many materials are produced from silicone such as blood transfusion hoses, oxygen masks, pacifiers, medicine packaging stopper. Also in the food industry, silicone-covered bread and biscuit-cooking pans, belt conveyors are preferred. 
Due to the nature of the silicone structure, adhesion of other materials to the surface is very difficult.
Resistance to Chemical Effects
Due to other elastomers can not used under chemical effects with obtaining exact result, silicone rubber can be used more efficiently makes it more important than other elastomers.
The results of this experiment after the silicone rubber, which has been stored in various chemical substances at 25 ° C for one week, are at a level that other materials can not reach.